For a long time, we refused to undertake the creation of websites. When we were approached for such projects, we would decline the offers. We hesitated because the technical challenge wasn't really there, but more importantly, we believed it was impossible to compete economically with all these click experts offering seemingly unbelievable deals.

We had a dilemma to resolve, especially regarding the technical and economic model. We wondered whether we should follow the crowd and offer no-code websites based on solutions like WordPress, Wix, or Shopify, which provide ready-to-use sites with minimal effort, or if we should design and develop websites from scratch, just as we do for custom SAAS projects.

In the first case, we maximized gains with minimal effort, while in the latter case, we exerted a lot of effort for limited gains. After all, why "reinvent the wheel" and build everything from scratch when, for the client, only the end result matters, not the process? a friend asked me.

If it meant doing the same as everyone else, taking the easy way out, and using tools we had no mastery over, despite having the skills to do it our way, it wouldn't make sense. I replied to him that it would be denying ourselves, and in that case, we might as well not even start.

Therefore, we decided to conduct a small survey among our clients who used these solutions for their showcase websites, to get their firsthand experiences. We had some idea of what the survey results might be, but we were astounded to discover the extent of the issues encountered.

Here is a summary of the spontaneous reactions we received: "It's terrible," "We feel trapped," "We can't get out of it," "For 2 months, we've been asking to change a certain button, but the consultant says it's not possible," "Everything worked well for a year, but since then, it's been a disaster, and we have to deal with it," "We can't make it evolve," "Two years ago, we tried an update that broke everything, and since then, we haven't touched it," "I'd like to connect it to other applications in my IT system, but it's not possible," "Since we changed the theme, several links are broken, and we don't know what to do"...

After all, what could be more logical than these responses? It's the inevitable consequence of using tools we don't have mastery over. These responses ultimately convinced me of the necessity to offer a modern website creation service, based on code that we have full control over, adapting to the client's specific needs like a chameleon and being adaptable.

If you recognize these challenges and have a need for websites and software, you can contact us at the following address:

Published on: Saturday, July 29, 2023

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